I’d like to say I have none, and be done with it. I mean: does one really need credentials to spout off about tangents to ancient/classical history, Latin, and mythology?

If you really press, I’d emphasize that I have spent my life listening to and later reading myths from around the world.

But since I’ve sort of agreed to do this for qualification sticklers, I spent a prolonged period acquiring a B.A. in Latin, at two universities, after shifting back and forth among many other majors, including general Classics, and accruing enough credits to qualify for majors in at least two other, unrelated fields, followed by a stint in graduate school in Latin. After following normal, non-academic pursuits for a while, I completed an M.A. in Linguistics.

I have also done some tutoring, teaching assistantships, writing reviews, articles and oped pieces for magazines, newsletters, newspapers, and even one co-authored article in a peer reviewed journal. References not available upon request.