Welcome to my site. This, my latest effort, is based on decades of work on myth, Latin, and ancient history, including 17 years (1997-2014) spent as Guide to Ancient/Classical History. [I have recently learned that many of my articles there have been edited, sometimes to include misleading information or needless purple prose. The Internet Archive (Wayback Machine) before June 2014 shows my work for, albeit when they had different, often changing requirements. I must admit that some changes are desirable, and so I am trying to work with the Archaeology Guide to get the most egregious errors fixed, No guarantee.] Many of the stories may be familiar in their essence, but will probably contain details and connections you are unfamiliar with, unless you, too, spend too much time living in the past. One of the aspects of the past and especially mythology that intrigues me is the interconnectness of it all. Perhaps it’s too much time watching and reading about Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency.

“Salve!” is a more or less static page, part of what I hope will soon be a reference section. I am writing bios of the main gods. I plan to start on Mt Olympus, with some of the children of Cronus and Rhea and their offspring.  These will be separate from the blog. I hope they provide more and less than what you find elsewhere. Theoi is a great site and very complete. I will be more selective and therefore, neither comprehensive nor objective, but, I hope, more entertaining.

Another growing area of non-blog pages are those that present basic information, like the dates of the main ancient world leaders and the dates of the main eras of ancient history. This is very basic stuff, so more complete information is available elsewhere, including at my old Ancient/Classical History site, encyclopedias, and, of course, Wikipedia.

The blog portion will contain stories or generally light-hearted looks at topics I think are important or wish to explore. I will also post clips from the internet, especially from the blogs I follow. You’ll find interesting tangents and arcane insights into the ancient world.

I am aware of a trend in academia, of which this certainly is no part, to make teachers responsive to the needs of individual students. So far, so good. But part of this requires the offering of trigger warnings, like an extended and very detailed movie rating system. I’m not a fan of such rating systems. If you are, you may have problems with what I present. Despite my reticence, I am offering a limited version: I most definitely intend to be politically incorrect and so topics like rape, torture, examples of prejudice, and most of the other topics that cause anquish and suffering are part of the story, just as they were in history and myth.

My take on events and myth is based on my experiences and so is as biased as anyone’s. In case you’re interested, my recent experiences include courses in the history of ancient Persia and assorted languages with more or less connection to the ancient world. I wish we could anoint Julius Caesar world leader, and I’m a Douglas Adams, Neil Gaiman, and most of all, Doctor Who fan.

Please go to my Facebook page for more on archaeology.

Please enjoy!


P.S. I’m a foodie.

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