Timeline of the Kings of the Visigoths

Visigothic Kingdom

Coming to importance in the Roman Empire, in A.D. 378, Visigoths and the Ostrogoths defeated the Romans at Hadrianopolis, killing the emperor Valens. In 410, Alaric sacked Rome. They destroyed most of Rome and took prisoners, including the Emperor’s sister, Galla Placidia.

“But when the appointed day had come, Alaric armed his whole force for the attack and was holding them in readiness close by the Salarian Gate; for it happened that he had encamped there at the beginning of the siege. Aug. 24, 410 A.D. And all the youths at the time of the day agreed upon came to this gate, and, assailing the guards suddenly, put them to death; then they opened the gates and received Alaric and the army into the city at their leisure. And they set fire to the houses which were next to the gate, among which was also the house of Sallust, who in ancient times wrote the history of the Romans, and the greater part of this house has stood half-burned up to my time; and after plundering the whole city and destroying the most of the Romans, they moved on.”
Procopius on the Sack of Rome.

Then Alaric led his troops south to Campania, taking Nola and Capua, heading towards Africa, but a storm wrecked his ships, temporarily blocking his crossing.Before Alaric could re-outfit his naval forces, he died at Cosentia. The Goths elected his brother-in-law, Athaulf as the next king. Under Athaulf they attacked Etruria (Tuscany).

395-410 — Alaric I
410-415 — Athaulf
415 — Sigeric
415-418 — Wallia
418-451 — Theodoric I
451-453 — Thorismund
453-466 — Theodoric II
466-484 — Euric
484-507 –Alaric II
507-511 — Gesalic
511-531 — Amalaric
531-548 — Theudis
548-549 — Theudigisel
549-555 — Agila I
555-567 — Athanagild
567-572 — Liuva I
568-586 — Leovigild
586-601 — Reccared
601-603 — Liuva II
603-610 — Witteric
610-612 — Gundemar
612-621 — Sisebut
621 — Reccared
621-631 — Suinthila
631-636 — Sisenand
636-639 — Chintila
639-642 — Tulga
642-653 — Chindasuinth
653-672 — Reccesuinth
672-680 — Wamba
680-687 — Erwig
687-702 — Egica
702-710 — Wittiza
710-711 — Roderic
711-714 — Agila II

Dynasties of the World : A Chronological & Genealogical Handbook, by John E. Morby.


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