The Staff of Life in Rome

Of the main grains we eat today, some required growing conditions the Romans couldn’t meet.

Innovations for a Growing Urban Population

“Modern technologies may be different from those of ancient Rome, but in both cases, a vast population produced massive challenges, which the Romans addressed in ways scarcely less impressive than those today.”

Caveat Canis – August 3

“We have already spoken of the honours earned by the geese, when the Gauls were detected in their attempt to scale the Capitol. It is for a corresponding reason, also, that punishment is yearly inflicted upon the dogs….

‘The Eyes of Aurora’

The Eyes of Aurora:  A Fifth Case from the Notebooks of Pliny the Younger Albert A Bell Jr Publication: September … More

Latin Cognomina

Here’s a great list of Latin cognomina from “The Origin of Roman Praenomina,” by George Davis Chase. Harvard Studies in … More