Sennacherib and Darius: Aqueducts and Qanats

“Qanats are not the only type of water control used anciently in arid and semi-arid lands in these regions….”

Triticum monococcum Spikelets PI 10474 Triticum monococcum subsp. monococcum POACEAE Cultivar name: EINKORN. Collected in: Thuringia, Germany. Public Domain. Courtesy of Wikipedia

Einkorn – The Old and New Great Grain

“In the millennia following einkorn’s domestication, the selection work of ancient farmers (coupled with a bit of good luck) produced a new and unusual kind of domesticated wheat, an extraordinary three-way hybrid among a wild wheat and a couple of closely related weeds in the goatgrass family. This strange new kind of wheat had two small physiological features that had huge implications for the way most of us humans eat.”

Baking | res gerendae

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Review of 1177 BC

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