Silver coin of Yazdegerd II with a fire altar and two attendants. Sassanid king. Yazdgard II (438-457 AD). AR Drachm (29mm, 3.68 gm, 3h). Crowned bust right / "Fire" in Pahlavi to left, 'nwky' in Pahlavi to right, fire altar with attendants, holding staves, and ribbon, "rast" in Pahlavi on central column. Göbl I/1; Alram 869. EF, light die rust. Ex Bellaria Collection. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. Attribution: Classical Numismatic Group, Inc.

Persian Empire Tip: Zoroastrianism Fire Temples Notes

Fire temples were important to Zoroastrian worship from at least the Sassanid period, but determining whether they were important in earlier Persian Empires has proven complicated.

English: Coin of Vonones I of Parthia from the mint at Ecbatana. The Greek inscription on the obverse reads ΒΑϹΙΛΕΥϹ (king). The reverse shows Nike with a palm. The inscription reads ΒΑϹΙΛΕΥϹ ΟΝΩΝΗϹ ΝΕΙΚΗϹΑϹ ΑΡΤΑΒΑΝ[ΟΝ]. PD Courtesy of Wikimedia

Persian Empire Tip: Parthia (1?)

“Earlier attempts were made to derive the Old Persian name Parsa
‘Persian’ from an original Parthava which would give ‘Persian’, ‘Parthian’ and ‘Pahlavi’
a common origin. These have not received any widespread support.” [Sheldon]

Egyptian Mummies

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