New Module: Roman Death | Katherine McDonald

Katherine McDonald says her new class on Roman death could go on forever.


New Module: Language in Greek and Roman Society | Katherine McDonald

Through people’s language you get a glimpse into their lives, but sometimes all you get is the highly polished or official stuff. Katherine McDonald gives a brief glimpse of what real people wrote in Classical times — and more for people lucky enough to take her ancient sociolinguistics course.

Plan of the Saepta Julia (Giovanni Battista Piranesi, 1756).Source Wikipedia ( Le antichità Romane. Tomo IV, tav. XLVII. // Opere di Giovanni Battista Piranesi, Francesco Piranesi e d'altri. Firmin Didot Freres, Paris, 1835-1839. Tomo 4)

Roman Elections

They say every vote counts, but does it? Did it in Roman times?